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Camper History

There is no doubt Camp Tosebo shaped the lives of many young campers during it's time as a summer camp. 

Our thanks go to the alumni – campers, counselors, and owners – who have recalled moments of happiness, sadness, nostalgia, and history that made Tosebo a special place for them.

Enjoy camper's stories from a time way back when...

There's a Long, Long Trail A Winding

A Look Back at Camp Tosebo, Vol 1

In Volume 1, There's a Long, Long Trail a Winding, we visit the full timeline
of Camp Tosebo, from it's origins as the Todd Seminary for Boys. Campers reminisce about daily and weekly routines, special events, fires, the camp truck and many more personal stories about our time at Tosebo. Click to
read the full history, stories and memories directly from the campers.
Volume 2, By the Blazing Council Fire Light, is dedicated to "General" Johnson. His dominance in the story that is Camp Tosebo cannot be overlooked.
In this second volume, campers share more of what makes Camp Tosebo special to its alumni. Experiences and adventures, sports, friendships, and of course, camp fires. Click to read more about Camp Tosebo, and it's stories and memories directly from the campers themselves.
Just a Few Excerpts...
"I recall after jumping through all the hoops of qualification, the feeling I had the first time I was allowed to sail the 'Hurricane'. I was the captain of my own ship. Fifteen years old, at boys camp, a hot August afternoon and the largest sailing vessel is at your command. That’s right; I’ve just become the scourge of the seas, 'Black Beard'. How about, John Paul Jones or perhaps a Viking? I think maybe an adventurer. A 15 year old adventurer discovering 'summer'. And not wanting it to end." - Woody Whitehead, Special Recollections

"After taps, and in hushed tones, many the night our counselors (when we had been good) favored us with tales of the supernatural...or at least those of us "older" and able to deal with the scary visions created....and when those of us fortunate enough to have become counselors assumed the mantle, we continued the tradition." - Fred Meyer, Ghost Riders

"So many camp memories involve trips back to much simpler times without the concerns confronted by today’s kids on every turn… the simpler times when excursions might only be structured around the meal and the return in time for Taps." - Steven Scherschel, Simple Times, Simple Pleasures 

"Somewhere in this tale, I must relate to a man who had great influences on my life. Noble Hill was the only man I ever met who was named appropriately. He was indeed a noble man. When my Dad and I got off the train in Woodstock, Noble Hill was there to meet us. He talked briefly to my Dad, then shook hands and turned his attention to me, and taking my hand in his, we took off for the Todd Campus." - John C. Dexter, Ho for Toseboland

"Seeing some of the gang last summer reminded me of why we were best friends then – because they were the best friends anyone could have as friends. Amazing to pick up in mid-sentence where you left off 50 years before. I still have belts and whistle chains made in the Craft Shop." - Harlan Bogie, Streaming Memories

"There were various methods of toasting marshmallows. Some people would get the marshmallows on fire and then pull the black shell off so they could consume the gooey inside. Other campers would find a nice spot where the coals were just right and very carefully toast their marshmallows to a puffy, golden brown ball of perfection." - Mickey Johnson, daughter of General Johnson, Saturday Nights

"...The frequent mention of Its a Long, Long Trail a Winding up to the Camp on the Hill touched me greatly. So many things have transpired for me during the almost 70 years that have passed since I sang that song, but it still evokes so many happy memories." - Mort Winsberg, Long Ago, but So Similar

 "Not many campers would list Nature Lore as their favorite activity (with possibly the exception of Dickisom, 56 – 59), but like many of the skills learned in our summers, it has had lasting effects.

In my time, Nature Lore occupied cabins One and Two, along with the storage of various other sporting and camping equipment. Our introduction started with a guided nature collection hike, armed with long handled capture nets and lidded Mason jars. We probably also carried our four bladed Boy Scout knives, in spite of the only danger being ourselves." - Bob "Running Deer" Hausser, Tosebo Nature Lore

 "Standing at water’s edge I was fascinated with those little rectangular boats propelled by a hand-held paddle within the confines of the swimming area. Assuring me that I wouldn't sink or drown, Ross [Taylor] fetched me a boat to sail."

- Murdoch Campbell, A New Place and a New Friend

"During my many years as a camper we played many different games. One game that I really enjoyed was the camper/counselor hide out. In this game the counselors would hide in the woods and the campers had to find them. If the camper found a counselor then that counselor had to do something for that camper; like make his bed for a week!"- Ben R. Taylor, The Games

"Rodeo: I had spent almost no time on a horse before coming to Tosebo. Putting on the bridle on the horse, getting the bit into its mouth was a just plain shocking experience.

Working as a waiter- I had three older brothers growing up, so I didn't have to do much around the house or at dinnertime. However, at Camp I really enjoyed the going to get the food, serving, being back in the kitchen area, helping clear the table, and in general, just being an important part of dinner." - Kenneth Wood, It Wasn't Just One Thing About Tosebo

Visit our galleries for a visual history of life at Camp Tosebo.
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