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Tosebo Reunion 2009

Once again TOSEBO was like a fountain of youth with laughter and sunshine dominating the weekend. The perfect weather for these Reunions is a little scary – that line about “The sun always shines at Camp Tosebo” is really true.

The reunion started with a reception at the restored Boathouse with plenty of munchies and drinks and a cookout. As they did at the 2005 Reunion, alumni took time to sign their names on the inside wall of the Boathouse.Right before dinner the special mystery surprise arrived – the old Camp truck, fully restored!!

Greg, Matthew, Kim, Stephen, Mark Schers

Gregory, Matthew, Kim, Stephen and Mark Scherschel


Reunion Attendees with Truck

Dave Wallace had the pleasure of driving it in and it certainly got everybody’s attention. It had been sitting outside at Dr. Wild’s for the last 25 years and had sunk up to the frame in the dirt. After the cookout many joined together on the Hill for a campfire and singing many of the familiar camp songs.

On Saturday, after a little breakfast, everyone came down to the Boathouse to join Doris Taylor and her son, Ben, for a very simple, but moving, ceremony to remember Ross Taylor, who passed away last February. It was Ross’ s request that his ashes be scattered around the Boathouse and the shore of Portage Lake. Many alums spoke of their recollection of the man who was at Tosebo for most of the time from 1927 to 1963.

At 11:30 Dave Wallace brought the truck up to Camp and we gathered around for a group photo, something we missed in 2005.

After lunch, John and Ann Bowers, who bought and lovingly restored the Beehive, opened their home for tours to many admiring eyes. At 7 p.m. all of us had a banquet in the Clubhouse complete with souvenir Gold Rush rocks, and Tosebo labeled splits of champagne for everyone. The champagne was again provided by former camper Bill Farnham, just as he did for the 2005 Reunion. We also received handmade pens crafted by Andre Strzembosz. Andre used wood he and Steve Buckingham collected from Camp at the 2005 Reunion. We sang the Pie Song with our desert, of course!

After dinner we gathered at the Council Ring to remember, reflect and enjoy the special atmosphere of that place. Jim Bergquist and Steven Scherschel had arrived a couple days early and spent many hours cleaning the Council Ring, repainting the stones and even adding symbols to the fours quadrants of the Ring.

Andre ken.jpg

Andre Strzembosz and Ken Wood


Bob Hausser and Bill Farnham

We got many alums involved in this Council Fire as we took turns lighting the torches at the Ring openings and former Medicine Man Tom Crampton tossed coals (saved from the last Council Fire) to the Four Winds. Again it was time for alums to share memories and we even have some demonstrations of some of the dance steps that Chief White Cloud had taught to all of us. Doc Campbell brought back an Indian chant and remembered all the words.

Many of the alumni who attended the 2005 Reunion came back for the 2009 event, but we also added some of the “70’s guys.”

For more photos from the 2009 Reunion, click here.

We all realize, however, that whatever the decade,

“ TOSEBO friendships strong and true, till we meet again.


Tom Crampton

Dave Wallace with the Camp Tosebo Truck

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